The #ShoeboxofLove2019 drive has ended! Pledging is now Closed!

Pledge online to make Shoeboxes of Love

Welcome to our automated sponsor toolThe Shoebox of Love Programme

Please read carefully before proceeding. There are three easy steps in the process.

#ShoeboxOfLove2019 - Pledges are now closed!

Step 1 Your details

Enter your details. Please double-check that you have captured your email address correctly. We will use the email address you have entered to send you a confirmation email and the label(s) for your boxes. If your email address is incorrectly captured this will not reach you and the child/ren and / or old-age pensioner(s) you have sponsored will not receive a gift.

Step 2 Select children / pensioners

Select one or more child/ren and / or old age pensioner(s) you would like to sponsor by clicking the check box next to their name. You can deselect recipients and add select more recipients before pressing the 'go to Step 3' button at the bottom right to continue.

Step 3Select your drop-off point and confirm

On the final step you'll be asked to confirm your selection and to select the drop off point where you will deliver your shoeboxes. Please make sure that you pick a convenient drop-off as this cannot be changed later.

Congratulations, you have successfully signed up as a Shoebox of Love sponsor!

#ShoeboxOfLove2019 - Pledges are now closed!

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