The #ShoeboxofLove2019 drive has ended! Pledging is now Closed!

Frequently asked questions

Please do not spend more than R300 on the contents of a Shoebox of Love. Rather 'adopt' another child or pensioner and make up another.

Please check out our list of drop-off points before pledging a Shoebox of Love.

Please make sure you select a drop-off that is conveniently close to you and one which you will be able to reach by 31 October 2019. You can find a list of our drop-offs here.

Please do not drop your shoeboxes off anywhere but at the drop-off point you selected at registration, so that we do not have to play hunt-the-box!

Unfortunately this means that the child or pensioner you have 'adopted' will not receive a Shoebox of Love or care package this year.   

The deadline of 31 October 2019 is cast in stone and if you miss it, there is no way for us to find another gift for your pensioner or child at this late stage.

Please take time and budget considerations into account before registering as a donor. If you are on a tight budget, rather just pledge one shoebox or care package and ask friends and family to do the same. Every single gift counts - you can be the snowflake that starts an avalanche! 

  • Vitamins or medication of any kind
  • Toy guns or weapons
  • Marbles (for children under 10 years of age)
  • Liquid glue (Pritt and other stick glues are acceptable)
  • Battery operated toys
  • Second-hand or used items, including clothing, shoes or toys
  • Please bag liquids in a tightly sealed bag, to avoid spills.. 
  • Please make sure you include only long-life juices. Quali-juice and similiar need to be refrigerated and often explode if not kept cool - ruining the rest of the contents you have included. Juices like Liqui-fruit or Ceres are preferred.

Yes, we do. This is why we ask you to close the box with elastic bands. We will seal the boxes ourselves before they are dispatched.  

We reserve the right to repack boxes that do not comply with standard size restrictions and will remove items such as liquid glues, toy weapons and guns, marbles and vitamins / medication as well as any second-hand items as we ask that these not be included.

The charities that benefit from Shoebox submit their lists in June. These are often transient communities with children moving in and out all the time. Generic boxes are used in instances when a new child arrives just before the drop off. There can be nothing worse than having one child left out. It is also true that sometimes sponsors are unable to meet their commitments, that is they pledge boxes but do not deliver the promised boxes. As many as 10% of pledged boxes do not arrive each year. Generic boxes are used to make up the shortfall.

Please visit your local SA Post Office and take a look at the number 3 size post box. Boxes should be no bigger than these. Please also avoid using boxes that are flimsy or made from thin cardboard, as these can get damaged - we stack hundreds of Shoeboxes of Love on top of one another during the sorting and distribution process. A photocopier paper box is also a great idea - just trim the box down so it fits inside the lid.

Thank you for your generosity. Please click here to visit our donations portal on givengain. Givengain is a 100% secure donations portal and will allow you to make a donation via credit card or secure EFT. 

Great! Please email us for bank details and sponsorship opportunities.

We are always on the lookout for volunteers to help with moving the boxes from the various drop-off points to a central sorting hub where the boxes will be checked and sorted before being distributed. 

Please email if you would like more information or want to register as a volunteer. Please use 'volunteer' in the subject line of your email.  The sorting takes place at multiple locations on Saturdays in November each year. 


No we are not. Operation Shoebox is an independent, accredited non-profit organisation. We focus exclusively on children's charities and centres for the aged in the Western Cape and Gauteng. We are not affiliated to Operation Christmas Child, the Santa Shoebox Project or any similiar organisation.

Our marketing material, flyers, website and other collateral all carry our trademark name, our very distinctive ribbon device trademarked logo and our NGO number. If it doesn't say 'Operation Shoebox' then it's not us. If in doubt, please email us.