Masizakhe Community Pre-School


About Masizakhe

Masizakhe Community pre-school was started by Doreen Bophe in 1986, with 30 children in Doreen’s lounge, in Site B Khayelitsha. The school has grown to between 150 and 180 children from 6 months old to 6 years old and is still run from the same property.  There are currently 9 teachers and carers looking after 149 children.  The school building is currently an informal building and plans are being drawn to build a brick school, which we hope will be in place by the end of 2019.

In addition to being a pre-school, the school is also a place of safety for any older children who need somewhere to do their homework while waiting for their parents to get home from work. On Sundays, the main classroom is used for church services and it also serves as a community centre when required.

"Operation Shoebox came to our rescue in 2017 as we did not have the sponsors to make up 180 boxes for the children at Masizakhe. We are in awe of the Shoebox Team as they efficiently handle their work load and cater to every beneficiary’s needs. These gifts are the most important part of the year for some of the children, as they are the only gift the children get, and we look forward to working with Operation Shoebox into the future." - Doreen Bophe, Principal